Product Application Fields

Food and Drug Packaging Field


We use special resin grades and odorless pigment as well as addictives as the masterbatches carrier, so as to ensure the chemical properties of the products are in accordance with relevant hygiene standards.

Products Properties:

1. Excellent dispersion

2. Stable color

3. More environmental-friendly, improving the surrounding environment

4. Low loss and high efficiency

5. High cost performance

6. Good weather resistance.

Our masterbatches in grade of good and drug are in line with the food and drug hygiene standards of the US, Europe and China. The products have passed FDA, EU10-2011, and GB9685-2008, and can be applied in coloring food packaging plastic products and plastic drinking water pumps.

Product Properties:

1. Environmental-friendly, non-toxic and pollution-free, and biodegradable;

2. High glossiness;

3. Good dispersibility, liquidity and processing performance;

4. High opacity;

5. Using ABS, PS, PP, PE and other materials as carriers, the pigments and addictives being strictly selected;

6. High cost performance.

Film Field

Industrial Products Field

Electrical Equipment Field

Sanitary ware Field

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